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Top Meadow Cavalier Puppies

Top Meadow welcomes inquiries from prospective owners to learn more about Cavaliers and our kennel.  breed. We've placed Cavaliers with families from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas, as well as San Francisco and the Bay Area--even as far away as the Midwest and the East Coast! (N.B.: We do not ship puppies.) 


Like many breeds, Cavalier puppies benefit from a little extra time with Mom, so we do not release puppies to their forever homes until they are between ten and  twelve weeks old.

We are careful about the placement of our puppies, and we will ask prospective owners a few questions to make sure the fit is right for both new owner and puppy.  

We anticipate 
puppies occasionally throughout 2023.

 Contact us below if you are interested in a Top Meadow puppy.


Our puppies are sent with limited registration, which means they are to be spayed or neutered and loved as wonderful family pets and companions. Top Meadow puppies are dual registerable in both AKC and CKCSC USA registries. Please be aware that there are many canine registries claiming authenticity. However, AKC and CKCSC-USA are the only two universally recognized and thoroughly credible registries in the United States for Cavaliers.


Please do your research on the breed and how to find a responsible breeder. (We think finding the right breeder is just as important as finding the right puppy!) There are plenty of good sources of information out there--though if you're looking for something more light-hearted, you should visit our blog!

From the moment the puppies are born, we spend a lot of time holding each puppy everyday. We give special attention to the handling of their paws and teeth so that tasks such as clipping nails and teeth inspection are easier for their owners to accomplish in the future as the pups grow. Our pups experience children and all the lively activity that is so much a part of family life.


We make sure Top Meadow puppies experience a variety of surfaces such as gravel, concrete, wood, carpet, and tile before they leave.  We also work with them on "on-command" potty training. We use the command "be quick," but if prospective owners prefer "go potty" or something else, we will happily start their dog with their command of choice. This is a very useful command with Cavaliers, especially when it's raining out! Trust us on this one.

The most important thing about a Top Meadow Cavalier is that it is bred to give love and to receive love. Nothing less will do.

- Jackie and Chris Check 

Owners, Top Meadow Cavaliers

Part of the Family

Top Meadow Cavaliers is with you for the life your puppy.  We encourage and welcome communication and frequent updates throughout your Cavalier's life. (Occasionally we don't mind hearing how you personally are doing as well!)

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