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When We Place a Puppy

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Chris here, again!

If you decide on a Top Meadow puppy, you will want to plan for a couple of hours when you come to pick him or her up. When Jackie hands off a puppy, she wants you to be sure you have all your questions answered, and she wants you to know that she is always available by phone or text or email. It’s true: adopting a puppy also means establishing a happy relationship with a breeder.

Part of our adoption process is to give the new puppy owner a binder full of information. In the more than a decade that we have been breeding and showing Cavaliers and placing puppies, we think we’ve heard just about every new-owner question. We know that new-puppy day is a lot of smiles and laughter and that answers can be forgotten. So, we include a lot of tips that we have learned over the years.

Our binder also includes all the eye, patella, and heart certifications on the sire and the dam as well as pictures and pedigrees of both. We also have contract of a few pages that explains things like our one-year health guarantee. We always ask that you take your new puppy to your vet for a check-up within 48-72 hours. We do wellness checks on all our puppies before placing them, but an independent check-up is a good idea.

We provide you with the puppy’s up-to-date shot records and we explain our philosophy about vaccinations. We follow the vaccination protocol of Dr. Jean Dodd.

A Top Meadow puppy will have had some potty training, but toy breeds take a little longer, and a new environment can often produce a few steps backwards, so we go over the merits of crate training. We are big believers!

There’s much more: feeding schedules, diet, spaniel bowls, snoods, toys we like and toys we do not, collars we like and collars we do not (on some the buckle will fail!), publications and websites we like, etc.

Along with your binder we’ll send you home with a few days of food. And then we’ll take your picture with your new pup give lots of hugs and you’ll be on your way with your new best friend!

Happy (newlywed!) Top Meadow couple!

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